Are the Vowels of Adonai found in יהוה ?

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If the vowels of Adonai are in יהוה in a Hebrew Tanakh, I haven’t seen it.


This is one of the easiest myths to bust, if anyone is willing to take a few minutes and look at the Aleppo or Leningrad codices for themselves. 


Many completely discount the testimony of the Masoretic work because of this premise that the Masorete scribes inserted the vowels for Adonai into YHVH. Unfortunately, this premise seems to have been repeated without investigation from one scholar to another. Well, it is time to investigate it and put the results out in the open.

  1. hebrew, vowel points, masoretes, masoretic, leningrad codex, yhvh, the name, myth, adonai, yehovah, yahuah, yahveh, yahwehIf this myth is true, then YHVH should have 3 vowels points throughout the Leningrad codex which incorporates the vowel pointings of the Masoretes
  2. If this myth is true, then YHVH should have the same 3 vowels points as Adonai which are Chataf patach, Cholem & Qamats (kamatz).
  3. To check if this myth is true, I am going through each incidence of YHVH in the Leningrad Codex. So far I have checked 874 occurrences of YHVH in Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. I have created a page for the results of each of those investigations. In each page I also include images of the Name with the vowel points for the rare occasions where 3 vowel points are found. You are welcome to look for yourself as well on – they have a complete copy of the Leningrad codex with vowel points converted to digital display (not the original hand printed type). The digitized copy of the Leningrad Codex is also available at
    1. Link to Genesis results – YHVH in Genesis
    2. Link to Exodus results – YHVH in Exodus
    3. Link to Leviticus results – YHVH in Leviticus


While I am still investigating the WLC, so far I have found 0 incidences of יהוה (YHVH) with the vowels of Adonai. About 99% of the occurrences of the Name have only 2 vowel points, Sheva & Qamats (kamatz).

You tell me – is this Masoretic myth busted yet?


One of the easiest myths to bust, Are the Vowels of Adonai in יהוה in the Aleppo codex or Leningrad codex, name of God, Hebrew evidence, Hebrew manuscripts

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