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Pg 147, Leningrad Codex, Leviticus 25:17 – one of several places where all three vowels are given, preserving the pronunciation of Yehôvâh

This page is an ongoing project to deal with all the myths, as well as the evidence, available for how to pronounce the Name of God. Probably the most pervasive myth is that His Name can’t be known, meaning we can’t know how to pronounce it properly. The research below is an attempt to bust those myths. The Heavenly Father’s Name appears 6827 times in Hebrew Bible. There are numerous times that the Father commands us to say specific things that include saying His Name. There are numerous references to the power of His Name, to prophecies concerning His Name, to the importance of remembering a name by speaking it and to how His Name was used historically in the Land by His people. What His Name is and how it is to be pronounced was never lost – only hidden. This research is a journey of bringing His Name out of hiding.

hebrew, vowel points, masoretes, masoretic, leningrad codex, yhvh, the name, myth, adonai, yehovah, yahuah, yahveh, yahweh

Mission #1 – Dispel the Myth that the Masorete scribes inserted the vowels for Adonai into  יהוה (YHVH). Many completely discount the testimony of the Masoretic work because of this premise and this premise seems to have been repeated without investigation from one scholar to another. Well, it is time to investigate it and put the results out in the open. For more about this myth please visit Are the Vowels of Adonai found in יהוה ?

Mission #2 – Dispel the myth that the Name wasn’t known until Moshe. Exodus 6:23 records this interesting interaction between Moshe and YHVH which includes this phrase which is most commonly translated into English as something like “I did not make myself known to them by my name YHVH”. Is this true? Read Was The NAME Ever Unknown? and find out…

Mission #3 – Dispel the myth that Yehovah has to do with the Hebrew noun “hovah” rather than the Hebrew verb “hovah” which has a different meaning. Find out at Yehovah = “Lord of Destruction”?


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