How to Pronounce יהוה

Contrary to popular belief, the pronunciation of יהוה was never lost. It was preserved in the texts of the Aleppo codex and the Leningrad codex, as well as in many other Hebrew Tanakhs and writings. The following are several examples of יהוה with full vowels from the Leningrad codex, showing how יהוה is to be pronounced.

יהוה has 4 consonents – Yod, Heh, Vav & Heh – with 3 vowel markings.

The first vowel marking shows that the first syllable is pronounced Ye- with a very short ‘e’ – like the very slight ‘e’ of Y’hoshua. 
The second vowel shows that the second syllable is pronounced -ho- with a long O.
The third vowel shows that the third syllable is pronounced -vah- with a short A like in ‘father’.

Put together that gives a pronunciation of Yehovah.

The Leningrad Codex is the oldest complete copy of the Tanakh and is the source text for most English Old Testaments today. It has been digitized and is online and free to view at

WLC Exo 3:15

WLC Exo 3:15

WLC Gen 9:26 P15

WLC Exo 13:3 p81

WLC Exo 14:1 p82

WLC Lev 25:17 p147


For evidence from the Aleppo Codex please visit the Evidence in the Aleppo codex page.

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