Reading Yehovah in the Complete Jewish Bible Translation

The following table illustrates how the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) renders the transliteration of יהוה (Yehovah) in various combinations. The Hebrew spelling is given, the the CJB transliteration with an example, and finally the actual transliteration of the Hebrew spelling.

Hebrew SpellingCJB TransliterationActual Transliteration from Hebrew
  יהוהADONAI Yehovah
  אדני יהוהAdonai ELOHIMAdonai Yehovah
  יהוה אלהיםADONAI, GodYehovah Elohim

I included this one just to show how Yehovah Elohim reads in the CJB. The phrase “ADONAI, God” appears 76 times in the CJB OT and 12 times in the CJB NT.

   יהוה צבאותADONAI -Tzva’otYehovah Tzva’ot
   אדני יהוה צבאותAdonai ELOHIM -Tzva’otAdonai Yehovah Tzva’ot
 אדני יהוה אלהי הצבאותAdonai ELOHIM -Tzva’otAdonai Yehovah Elohei Tzva’ot

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