Hebrew New Testament Manuscripts

The following list are the Hebrew New Testament manuscripts (MSS) available online at the British Library digital MSS website.

Add MS 11659, Date 1805, New Testament (Gospels in Hebrew)
Title: Berit ḥadashah ברית חדשה – Fols 4r-134v
Matthew Fols 4r-42r
Mark Fols 42r-66r
Luke Fols 66r-103r
John Fols 103r-134v

Harley MS 7637, Date 1700-1799, Gospel of St Matthew in Hebrew translation.
Note: This translation agrees with the Basle edition of 1537 and the Paris text of 1551.
Matthew Folios 1r-52v


Royal MS 16 A II, Date 1500-1599, Epistles of St James and St Jude in Hebrew translation.
Title: Brit ḥadashah (ברית חדשה) with a Latin dedication to king Henry VIII.
Dedication Fols 1v-23r
Epistle of St James Fols 23r-44r
Title: Epistle of St Jude Fols 44r-49v

Sloane MS 237, Date 1500-1699, The Revelation of St John in Hebrew translation.
Title: Revelation of St John 1-2:12.
Folios 1r-4v


University of Cambridge Digital Library

T-S 16.98 – A palimpsest, the upper script consisting of a collection of qerovot by Yannai from a 10th-century (?) maḥzor of his work. The under script is the New Testament (John 14:25-15:16) in Christian Palestinian Aramaic.

More to come from other Libraries…

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