Hebrew Theophoric Names and The Name of God

Theophoric names are names which combine the name of God with another word to create a name. In Hebrew theoporic names we find the name of God, Yehovah, combined with many Hebrew root words to create names. The form in which these names appear depends on their meaning. Where Yehovah…

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Yes, His Name Is Yeshua

There are many alternative spellings going around the internet for the Hebrew name Yehoshua and its shortened form, Yeshua. Honestly this is a mystery to me. The spellings and pronunciations of these names were never disputed until in very recent history (last 20 or so years). These names never went…

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Busting the Myth of the Adonai Vowels

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Everyone knows that the Masoretes inserted the vowels of Adonai into יהוה and that’s where Yehovah came from, right? Wrong! The fact of the matter is that the Masoretes did not insert the vowels of Adonai into  יהוה – this is easily shown by visiting the Aleppo Codex online and looking…

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Aviv Barley – What’s That?

field of barley in the sunshine, aviv barley, abib barley

Four independent verses say that the time of the exodus was, and the time to keep Passover/Unleavened Bread is, during the month of THE Aviv. Exodus 9:31-32 Now the flax and barley were ruined, for the barley was in the ear (אָבִ֔יב) and the flax was in bud; but the…

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Hebrew New Testament Manuscripts

The following list are the Hebrew New Testament manuscripts (MSS) available online at the British Library digital MSS website. Add MS 11659, Date 1805, New Testament (Gospels in Hebrew) Title: Berit ḥadashah ברית חדשה – Fols 4r-134v Matthew Fols 4r-42r Mark Fols 42r-66r Luke Fols 66r-103r John Fols 103r-134v Harley…

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Torah for the New Moon Day

new moon, torah, bible, biblical feast, moed

In each Biblical year, there are 12 or 13 New Moon days. These are the days which begin with the sighting of the sliver of the moon on the western horizon just after sunset or after 30 days are completed if no sighting was possible that month. There is a…

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The Sabbath Day Resurrection

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Much debate exists over when Yeshua resurrected because the English translations of this event generally do not reflect what the Greek texts actually say. In this post I will go over what each verse actually says in the Greek and compare it to how those words are translated elsewhere in…

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YEHOVAH Alone is The Creator

For students of the Tanakh, the identity of the Creator is not a mystery. Yehovah alone is the Creator. However, for students of the New Testament, one single passage has been used by some to overturn thousands of years of understanding and replace it with a new one – that…

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Reading Yehovah in the Complete Jewish Bible Translation

The following table illustrates how the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) renders the transliteration of יהוה (Yehovah) in various combinations. The Hebrew spelling is given, the the CJB transliteration with an example, and finally the actual transliteration of the Hebrew spelling. Hebrew Spelling CJB Transliteration Actual Transliteration from Hebrew   יהוה ADONAI …

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Restoring The Biblical Role Of Women In The Assembly

Before digging into the Scriptures on this topic, it is first important to address some foundational principles which, when ignored, create much confusion. Principle #1 – Commandments were given through Moshe by Yehovah and no one can add to them or take away from them. That is one of the…

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